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Hello, My Friends

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Language Focus Other songs about: Hello/Goodbye, Halloween

"I'm so happy to see you." "Let's go trick-or-treating." "Hello." Halloween costumes (witches, ghosts, cowboys, pirates, monsters, spiders, bats).

Hello, My Friends Lyrics and Actions

Key Gestures
Witch - Make a witch's hat over your head by forming a pyramid with your hands.
Ghost - Place your hands in front of you like a floating ghost.
Cowboy - Pretend to spin a rope over your head.
Pirate - Cover one eye with your hand to make an eye patch.
Monster - Raise your hands like claws above your head.
Spider - Cross both hands at the wrist, palms face down, and wiggle your fingers.
Bat - Cross your arms at the wrist in front of your chest and then wiggle your index fingers up and down.
Trick-or-treat - Place one hand out palm up and then your other hand out palm up, as if offering two choices.

♫ Hello, my friends. (Hello, my friends.) [Wave with one hand.]
I'm so happy [Point to your smile.]
to see you. [Point to your eyes and then out to your friend.]
Hello, my friends. (Hello, my friends.) [Wave with your other hand.]
Let's go trick-or-treating. [Trick-or-treat gesture.]

Witches and ghosts. (Witches and ghosts.) [Witch and ghost gestures.]
Cowboys, pirates, and monsters. [Cowboy, pirate, and monster gestures.]
Spiders and bats. (Spiders and bats.) [Spider and bat gestures.]
Let's go trick-or-treating.

Hello, my friends. (Hello, my friends.)
I'm so happy to see you.
Hello, my friends. (Hello, my friends.)
Let's go trick-or-treating.
Let's go trick-or-treating. ♫

Classroom Benefits

It's a great idea to start every lesson with a hello song. Having different hello songs for different times of the year signals the changes in the seasons and adds variety. This song works wonderfully in the weeks leading up to Halloween, and is fantastic to start a Halloween party or performance with.

Activity Ideas

Try singing this song with different Halloween characters. This is also a nice Hello song you can use all year round with a few small changes. For example, instead of "Let's go trick-or-treating," sing, "Let's have fun together!" 1

Touch The Card
Introduce the witch, ghost, cowboy, pirate, monster, spider, and bat picture cards. Have the students sit in a circle and spread all the cards on the floor face up. Get all of the students to clap their hands slowly and say the following chant:
Trick or treat?
Trick or treat?
Let's go trick-or-treating!
At the end of the chant, the teacher names one of the cards and the students race to touch that card. If a student moves to touch the card but makes a mistake, he misses one turn. The teacher should also occasionally say words that aren't on the cards. For example, the teacher can say, "Banana!" Any students who move to touch one of the cards would need to sit out one turn. Keep it light and fun! 2

Let's Go Trick-or-Treating
Split the class into two teams and have them line up parallel to each other (Line A and Line B). The first student in Line A turns to face the first student in Line B. They say:
A: Hello, my friend.
B: Hello, my friend.
A: I'm so happy to see you.
B: Me too!
Next, the same two students play “Rock, Scissors, Paper.” The winner says to the other student, "Let's go trick-or-treating!" takes her hand, and leads her to the winning team's side of the classroom. They sit down and then the next two students in line repeat the same procedure. The team with the most members at the end is the winning team. 3

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