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Give Me Something Good To Eat

Language Focus Other songs about: food, Halloween

"Trick or treat?" Describing tastes (good, sweet, sour). Food (apples, peaches, tangerines, cookies, chocolate, jelly beans, lemons, grapefruits, limes, nuts, candy, lollipops).

Give Me Something Good To Eat Lyrics and Actions

Key Gestures
Trick-or-treat - Place one hand out palm up and then your other hand out palm up, as if offering 2 choices.
Sweet - Do the ASL sign. Pinch your chin repeatedly with your thumb, index finger, and middle finger.
Sour - Do the ASL sign. Place your index finger at the corner of your mouth and make a twisting motion.
Halloween - Cover your face with both hands and then open them, as if playing peek-a-boo.

This song has a lot of food vocabulary in it that can be difficult to gesture, so we recommend using the printable PDF picture cards available on the Super Simple Songs - Halloween Enhanced CD.

♫ Trick or treat? [Trick-or-treat gesture.]
Trick or treat?
Give me something [Hold out both hands, as if receiving something.]
good to eat. [Thumbs up.]
Apples, peaches, tangerines. [Point to the picture cards.]
Happy Happy Halloween. [Happy face. Halloween gesture.]

Trick or treat?
Trick or treat?
Give me something
sweet to eat. [Sweet gesture.]
Cookies, chocolate, jelly beans. [Point to the picture cards.]
Happy Happy Halloween.

Trick or treat?
Trick or treat?
Give me something sour to eat. [Sour gesture.]
Lemons, grapefruits, limes so green. [Point to the picture cards.]
Happy Happy Halloween.

Trick or treat?
Trick or treat?
Give me something good to eat.
Nuts and candy. Lollipops. [Point to the picture cards.]
Now it's time for us to stop. [Put both hands out with your palms facing forward, signaling "stop."]

Classroom Benefits

We've taken a classic Halloween rhyme and added some language so that teachers and parents can use the song to talk about different foods and tastes.

Activity Ideas

Try to think of more good/sweet/sour foods you can sing about. How about cold, hot, spicy or salty? Don't worry too much about rhyming, just have fun! 1

Please & Thank You
Spread all of the food item flashcards on the floor or table. Chant, "Trick or treat? Trick or treat? Give me something _____ to eat...PLEASE!" For example, ask for something sweet. The child can look for something sweet and give it to you. Encourage her to say, "Here you are," and be sure to say, "Thank you." Change places and have her ask for something good/sweet/sour, etc. Remember to say, "Here you are," and, "Thank you!" You can easily extend this activity using real foods. 2

Trick or Treat?
For this game, you'll need all of the food flashcards plus the monster card.

Have all of the students line up on one side of the room while the teacher stands on the other side of the room. Show the students the monster card. Tell them that when the monster card appears, the teacher will become a friendly monster and try to catch the students. Place the monster card in the pile and shuffle the cards.

The students all take one big step forward. Then they chant, "Trick or treat? Trick or treat? Give me something good to eat." The teacher asks one of the students, "How many do you want?" The student says a number between 1 and 10. The teacher (with the backs facing the students) shuffles through that number of cards. For example, if the student says, "Five," the teacher counts through five cards. Quickly show the fifth card to the students. If the monster card appears, the students run back to their "safe" area while the teacher acts like a friendly monster and tries to catch a student. If the teacher catches a student, that student can now join the teacher, or replace the teacher.

If the monster card does not appear, the students are safe. The students should name the card, take another big step forward, and chant again. The goal is to reach the teacher's side of the room and touch the wall. 3

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