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Five Creepy Spiders

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Language Focus Other songs about: action verbs, counting, animals, Halloween

Counting down from 5, Halloween characters (spiders, skeletons, black cats, witches, ghosts). Action verbs (crawl, dance, run, fly, haunt).

Five Creepy Spiders Lyrics and Actions

Key Gestures
Spider - Cross both hands at the wrist, palms face down, and wiggle your fingers.
Skeleton - Raise both elbows as your hands hang down.
Cat - Swipe with your hand, as if it were a cat's claw.
Witch - Make a witch's hat over your head by forming a pyramid with your hands.
Ghost - Place your hands in front of you like a floating ghost.
Halloween - Cover your face with both hands and then open them, as if playing peek-a-boo.

♫ Five creepy spiders. [Hold up 5 fingers. Spider gesture.]
Five creepy spiders.
See how they crawl. [Spider gesture. Crawl your hands forward.]
See how they crawl.
Crawl crawl crawl. [Crawl your hands forward and to the right.]
Crawl crawl crawl. [Crawl your hands forward and to the left.]
Crawl crawl crawl. [Crawl your hands up.]
Five creepy spiders.

Four bony skeletons. [Hold up 4 fingers. Skeleton gesture.]
Four bony skeletons.
See how they dance. [Do a funny dance.]
See how they dance.
Dance dance dance. [Dance to the right.]
Dance dance dance. [Dance to the left.]
Dance dance dance. [Dance forward and back.]
Four bony skeletons.

Three black cats. [Hold up 3 fingers. Cat gesture.]
Three black cats.
See how they run. [Run in place, or if you have space, run around the room.]
See how they run.
Run run run. [Run to the right.]
Run run run. [Run to the left.]
Run run run. [Run forward and back.]
Three black cats.

Two wicked witches. [Hold up 2 fingers. Witch gesture.]
Two wicked witches.
See how they fly. [Pretend to ride on a broom.]
See how they fly.
Fly fly fly. [Ride the broom to the right.]
Fly fly fly. [Ride the broom to the left.]
Fly fly fly. [Ride the broom forward and back.]
Two wicked witches.

One white ghost. [Hold up 1 finger. Ghost gesture.]
One white ghost.
See how he haunts. [Ghost gesture. Sway side to side.]
See how he haunts.
Woooooooo...BOO! [Float to the right.]
Woooooooo...BOO! [Float to the left.]
Woooooooo...BOO! [Float forward and back.]
One white ghost.

Happy Halloween. [Halloween gesture.]
Happy Halloween.
Happy Halloween.
Happy Halloween.
Spiders, skeletons, cats, and ghosts. [Spider, skeleton, cat, and ghost gestures.]
Spiders, skeletons, cats, and ghosts.
Spiders, skeletons, cats, and ghosts.
Happy Halloween.
Happy Halloween. ♫

Classroom Benefits

Here's a fun song for counting down from five, with lots of actions to get students moving. This is a great song to use when you need a fun, active song for a change of pace between activities. There is also a nice little challenge in the last verse. Can you do all the gestures in a row? ^_^

Activity Ideas

Add some different Halloween characters. This allows the children to think about what actions different characters do. For example, "Five big monsters. Five big monsters. See how they stomp. See how they stomp." You can try soccer players/kick, cowboys/ride, etc. 1

Who Am I?
Have everyone sit in a circle. Place the spider, skeleton, cat, witch, and ghost picture cards in a pile face down. Select one card from the top of the pile. Don't show anyone! Ask the students, "Who am I?" and pretend to be the character from your card. The student who guesses your character takes the next card and pretends to be that character. Continue through all of the cards then mix them up and start again. To make it a little more challenging, add more Halloween character cards. 2

Gesture Down The Row
Review the spider, skeleton, cat, witch, and ghost picture cards. (Add more characters if you'd like). Put the class into teams (around 6-10 people per team). Each team makes a line from the front of the classroom to the back, facing the back. The students closest to the front of the classroom turn and face the front where the teacher stands. The teacher says, “Ready?” and then shows a picture card of a spider. The students facing the teacher turn around and tap the shoulders of the next students in line. Now facing each other, the first student does a spider gesture. The second student turns around and taps the next student on the shoulder, and does the spider gesture. The gesture is passed down the line. No talking! When it reaches the end, the last student runs to the front of the room and tells the teacher, "It's a spider!" The first team to tell the teacher the answer gets a point. Start over with a new card. The students who were at the end of the line now move to the front of the line. 3

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