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Santa, Where Are You?

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Prepositions of place (under, in, on). "Where are you?" "Over there." "Tree." "Sleigh." Rooftop." "Santa."

Santa, Where Are You? Lyrics and Actions

Key Gesture
Santa - Pat your big, round tummy.
Christmas tree - Make the shape of a Christmas tree with your hands.
Sleigh - Make V shapes with your index and middle fingers on both hands. With your palms facing your chest, move your hands down and forward, like a sleigh sliding on snow.
Rooftop - Starting with both index fingers touching in front of you, draw the shape of a slanted roof.

♫ It's Christmas Eve.
Where is Santa?
Santa, Santa, [Santa gesture.]
where are you? [Place your hand above your eyes as if you are searching for someone.]
Santa, Santa, where are you?

Are you under the tree? [Move one hand under the other. Christmas tree gesture.]
Are you in your sleigh? [Make a circle with one hand and slide the other hand into the circle. Sleigh gesture.]
Are you on the rooftop? [Place on hand on top of the back of the other hand. Rooftop gesture.]
Santa, where are you?

Look. Look. [Make circles with thumbs and index fingers around each eye, as if looking through binoculars.]
Over there. [Point to one side of the room.]
Look. Look.
Over where? [Put your hands out, palms up, and shrug your shoulders.]
Look. Look.
Over there! [Point to the other side of the room.]
Santa, is that you? [Santa gesture.]
No, it's Daddy.

Santa, Santa, where are you?
Santa, Santa, where are you?

Are you under the tree?
Are you in your sleigh?
Are you on the rooftop?
Santa, where are you?

Look. Look. Over there.
Look. Look. Over where?
Look. Look. Over there!
Santa, is that you?

Ho ho ho!
Ho ho ho!
Ho ho ho ho ho!
Ho ho ho ho ho!
Ho ho ho ho ho!
Santa!!! ♫

Classroom Benefits

In addition to being a very fun way to introduce and review basic prepositions of place, this is the ideal song for singing just before Santa arrives at your Christmas party. When everyone sings "Santa!" at the end, Santa can enter the room to meet all the boys and girls.

Activity Ideas

You can use this song any time of the year for hide and seek games. Use stuffed animals and hide them. “Panda, panda, where are you? Panda, panda, where are you? Are you under the desk? Are you in the drawer? Are you on the tabletop? Panda, where are you?” 1

Santa's Bag
Have all of the students sit in a circle. Make two or three sets of the mini flashcards from Super Simple Songs - Christmas, including two or three Santa cards. Put all of the cards in a bag and shake the bag to mix them up. Pass the bag to the first student, who reaches in and takes a card (no peeking!). He can keep the card if he can name it, and the bag passes to the next student. Continue around the circle. When a students pulls out a Santa card, he calls out, "Santa!" and returns all of his cards and the Santa card to the bag. Set a timer for three minutes, and the student with the most cards at the end is the winner! 2

Santa, Where Are You?
All of the students in the class make a big circle. (If it is a very large class, make several circles.) Choose two students to come to the center of the circle. One of the students is Santa (he wears a Santa hat) and the other student is Santa's helper (he wears a blindfold). Santa's helper asks, "Where are you, Santa?" Santa must answer, "Ho, ho, ho!" Santa's helper tries to find and tag Santa while Santa tries to avoid being tagged. The circle of students makes sure Santa's helper is safe. If it's too difficult for Santa's helper, make the circle smaller. 3

Practice Prepositions Of Place
Read our blog post “Christmas Topics - Prepositions of Place” for more ideas and activities to practice in, on, under and more. 4

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