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Jingle Jingle Little Bell

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Spatial vocabulary (here, there, everywhere). "I can ____." "Fast." "Slow." "High." "Low."

Jingle Jingle Little Bell Lyrics and Actions

Key Gesture
Bell - Pretend to ring a bell.
Alternatively, use real bells or paper bells.

♫ Jingle jingle little bell. [Bell gesture.]
I can ring my little bell. [Two thumbs up. Bell gesture.]
Ring it fast. [Bell gesture fast.]
Ring it slow. [Bell gesture slow.]
Ring it high. [Bell gesture high.]
Ring it low. [Bell gesture low.]
Jingle jingle little bell.
I can ring my little bell.

Ring it fast.
Ring it slow.
Ring it high.
Ring it low.

Jingle jingle little bell.
I can ring my little bell.
Ring it over here. [Bell gesture close to your body.]
Ring it over there. [Bell gesture with your hand reaching far away from your body.]
Ring it, ring it, everywhere. [Bell gesture all over the place.]
Jingle jingle little bell.
I can ring my little bell.

Ring it over here.
Ring it over there.
Ring it, ring it, everywhere.

Jingle jingle little bell.
I can ring my little bell. ♫

Classroom Benefits

This is another basic song that even very young learners can follow along with. The familiar melody and very descriptive language makes it a snap to learn, and because it does not mention any specific holidays or seasons, this song can be used all year round.

Activity Ideas

Introduce other small instruments such as drums, rhythm sticks, or tambourines. For example, “Shake shake shake shake tambourine. I can shake my tambourine.” Or try, “Tap tap tap tap rhythm sticks. I can tap my rhythm sticks.” 1

Listen Carefully!
Stand in a circle with the students. You will need two jingle bells for this activity. One bell is for the teacher, and one bell will be passed around the circle. The students pass the bell around the circle while listening to and singing "Jingle Jingle Little Bell." Every time the word bell is sung, the teacher rings her bell. The student holding the bell should begin passing it in the opposite direction. Each time the teacher rings the bell, whoever is holding the bell should pass it in the other direction.

Try changing things up. When the teacher rings the bell, everybody jumps/spins/claps. 2

Jingle To The Rhythm
You will need some jingle bells for this activity. Have the class sit in one large circle. Introduce yourself, saying, "My name is _____." As you say the sentence, shake the jingle bells in time with the words so that the bells jingle on each syllable. Turn to the student next to you and ask, "What's your name?" again shaking the jingle bells on each syllable. The student answers while shaking the jingle bells, and then asks the next student the same question. Continue around the circle. When the bells have been passed all the way around the circle, ask a new question ("What do you want for Christmas?" "What's your favorite toy?" etc.) or break the circle into smaller groups and have the students think of their own questions. This is a great activity for rhythmic awareness. 3

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