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Hello, Reindeer

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Language Focus Other songs about: counting, Christmas, Hello/Goodbye

Counting to 10. "Happy holidays." "Merry Christmas." "Hello." Christmas vocabulary (reindeer, snowman, Santa).

Hello, Reindeer Lyrics and Actions

Key Gestures
Reindeer - With your hands open wide, put your thumbs on your forehead to indicate antlers.
Snowman - Put your hands on your hips with your elbows out wide, making one circle. Bend your knees outward, making another circle with your legs.
Santa - Pat your big, round tummy.
Happy holidays - Indicate "happy" by smiling and pointing to your cheeks.
Christmas - Rest your right elbow on top of your left hand. Make a "C" shape with your right hand.

♫ Hello, reindeer. [Wave hello. Reindeer gesture.]
Hello, snowman. [Wave hello. Snowman gesture.]
Hello, Santa. [Wave hello. Santa gesture.]
Happy holidays. [Happy holidays gesture.]

1 2 3, 4 5 6, 7 8 9 10. [Use both hands to count to 10.]
Merry Christmas, everyone. [Christmas gesture.]
Let's sing it once again. [Pretend to sing into a microphone.]

Hello, reindeer.
Hello, snowman.
Hello, Santa.
Happy holidays.
Happy holidays. ♫

Classroom Benefits

Starting a lesson with a simple and fun Christmas-themed hello song sets a great tone for the class right from the start. This is also a great song to start a holiday party with.

Activity Ideas

You can use this as a hello song at any time of the year. Instead of reindeer, snowman, and Santa, you can sing the names of the students in the classroom or family and friends at home. Instead of, “Happy holidays,” try, “Let's have fun today.” And instead of “Merry Christmas, everyone,” sing, “Hello, hello, everyone.” 1

Take out the reindeer, snowman, and Santa mini cards and place them on the table or floor face up. Say, "Hello" to each of the cards. Next, turn them over and, as the child watches carefully, move the cards around so that they are in a different order. Ask her, "Where is the reindeer?" She chooses a card and turns it over. If it is the reindeer card, she says, "Hello, reindeer!" Repeat until she guesses all three cards correctly. Then it's her turn to mix up the cards. 2

Hello Helper
Each day of class during the holiday season, choose a helper to help you greet the students as they enter the classroom. Say, "Hello" to each students and greet him/her by name. Follow that with, "Happy holidays!" Try adding some simple questions you have been practicing in class.

With practice, students should soon be able to conduct this activity without you. Stand nearby to assist, but allow students to find their own ways to greet each other. When everyone is in the room, sing "Hello, Reindeer" together. 3

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