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Goodbye, Snowman

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Language Focus Other songs about: Christmas, Hello/Goodbye

"Happy holidays." "Merry Christmas." "Goodbye." Christmas vocabulary (reindeer, snowman, Santa).

Goodbye, Snowman Lyrics and Actions

Key Gesture
Reindeer - With your hands open wide, put your thumbs on your forehead to indicate antlers.
Snowman - Put your hands on your hips with your elbows out wide, making one circle. Bend your knees outward, making another circle with your legs.
Santa - Pat your big, round tummy.
Happy holidays - Indicate "happy" by smiling and pointing to your cheeks.
Christmas - Rest your right elbow on top of your left hand. Make a "C" shape with your right hand.

♫ Goodbye, snowman. [Wave goodbye. Snowman gesture.]
Goodbye, reindeer. [Wave goodbye. Reindeer gesture.]
Goodbye, Santa. [Wave goodbye. Santa gesture.]
Happy holidays. [Happy holidays gesture.]

We wish you [Indicate "we" by moving your index finger in front of you from one shoulder to the other, making a semi-circle.]
a Merry Christmas. [Christmas gesture.]
We wish you a Merry Christmas.
We wish you a Merry Christmas.
Let's sing it again. [Pretend to sing into a microphone.]

Goodbye, snowman.
Goodbye, reindeer.
Goodbye, Santa.
Happy holidays.
Happy holidays! ♫

Classroom Benefits

This song is the perfect way to end classes leading up to Christmas and holiday performances. The call and response format makes it easy for all ages to follow along.

Activity Ideas

You can use this as a goodbye song at any time of the year. Sing children's names instead of snowman, reindeer, and Santa. Instead of, “Happy Holidays,” sing, “See you again next time.” And instead of, “We wish you a Merry Christmas,” sing, “We all do a little clapping.” 1

Storytime Goodbye!
At the end of each story time, go through the book once more and say, "Goodbye!" to all of the characters. This is a nice way for children to become more familiar with the characters in their favorite books. The next time you read the book, say, "Hello!" to all of the characters. Can you remember their names? 2

Goodbye, Snowman!
Lean the snowman, reindeer, Santa, and elf picture cards against the wall on one side of the room. The students sit against the opposite wall. Say, "Goodbye, [Snowman]" and choose one student to walk over and place that card face down. When that student returns, he says, "Goodbye, [Reindeer]" and chooses one student to turn that card face down. Continue until you have said, "Goodbye" to all of the cards. Try mixing things up and having the students jump, hop, run, crawl, or roll over to the cards! 3

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