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I Have A Pet

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Language FocusOther songs about: animals & insects, animal sounds

"I have a ___." Pets (dog, cat, mouse, bird, fish, lion!?). He/she says ___. Animal sounds.

I Have A Pet Lyrics and Actions

Key gestures
Dog - Slap your thigh as if calling a dog.
Cat - Stroke imaginary whiskers with your thumb and index finger.
Mouse - Use the American Sign Language sign: swipe your finger across the top of your nose. Example
Bird - Open and close your index finger and thumb in front of your mouth, imitating a bird's beak.
Fish - Make one hand "swim" forward like a fish.
Lion - Place your open hands on the sides of your face like a lion's mane.

Do you have a pet?
Yes, I have a dog.
I have a pet. [Pet the back of one hand with the other.]
He is a dog. [Dog gesture.]
And he says, "Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof. Woof woof." [Bark like a dog.]

I have a cat.
I have a pet.
She is a cat. [Cat gesture.]
And she says, "Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. Meow meow." [Meow like a cat.]

I have a mouse.
I have a pet.
He is a mouse. [Mouse gesture.]
And he says, "Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak. Squeak squeak." [Squeak like a mouse.]

Woof woof. [Dog gesture.]
Meow meow. [Cat gesture.]
Squeak squeak. [Mouse gesture.]

I have a bird.
I have a pet.
He is a bird. [Bird gesture.]
And he says, "Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet. Tweet tweet." [Tweet like a bird.]

I have a fish.
I have a pet.
She is a fish. [Fish gesture.]
And she says, "Glub, glub, glub, glub, glub. Glub glub." [Glub like a fish.]

I have a lion.
A lion?!
I have a pet.
He is a lion. [Lion gesture.]
And he says, "Roar, roar, roar, roar, roar. Roar roar." [Roar like a lion.]

Tweet tweet. [Bird gesture.]
Glub glub. [Fish gesture.]
ROAR! [Lion gesture.]

Classroom Benefits

Kids really enjoy talking about their pets, both real and imaginary. This song introduces some basic language for talking about pets and the sounds they make. Kids love the silliness of the lion at the end.

Activity Ideas

Using the printable animal flashcards from the Super Simple Learning Resource Center (or animal pictures cut out from magazines), play "Sort The Animals." Draw four simple pictures of a house, a farm, a jungle, and a zoo. Spread the animal pictures on the table or floor in front of you. Ask, "Which animals are pets?" Let your child collect all of the animals that are pets and place them on the picture of the house. Next, put all of the pictures back and ask, "Which animals live in the zoo?" Let the children collect all of the zoo animals and put them on the picture of the zoo. Continue with jungle animals and farm animals. 1

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