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Super Simple Songs - Animals

Super Simple Songs - Animals CD

Zoo animals! Jungle animals! Farm animals! Pets! Easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn songs featuring dozens of animals, the sounds they make, and the actions they do. While singing and dancing to animals songs, kids will learn about greetings, counting, parts of the body, actions verbs, and more. Buy Now!


01. Good Morning, Mr. Rooster Good morning song.
02. Let's Go To The Zoo Action verbs and zoo animals.
03. Walking In The Jungle Action verbs, jungle animals, and counting.
04. Hickory Dickory...Crash! Modified version focusing on telling time and animal names.
05. My Teddy Bear Parts of the body.
06. I Have A Pet Animal sounds and types of pets.
07. Yes, I Can! Can and can't, animal abilities, and action verbs.
08. Mary Had A Kangaroo Modified version with animal attributes.
09. The Animals On The Farm Farm animals and the sounds they make.
10. What Do You Hear? Identify animals by the sounds they make.
11. Wag Your Tail Actions, parts of the body, fast and slow.
12. After A While, Crocodile Goodbye song.
    Plus 12 Sing-along Tracks!

Customer Reviews

Great as usual.
I received the Animals and Christmas CDs and they are super (as usual). Just keep on doing whatever you're doing :) Lena

I received the animals CD yesterday...
Just wanted to say that I so appreciate the hard work behind it and the understanding you have of what we ESL teachers need. The accompanying materials are wonderful and I now can relax this summer knowing I have an abundance of great materials to use when we start school in September. I have been using your other CDs with great success and the children love the songs and LEARN so much! Allison Italy

10 Stars!
I just got this and have been looking through it and listening. I haven't had a chance to try the songs with my students yet but I KNOW they will love it. And the flashcards and worksheets...WOW! Great GREAT GREAT product! Risa

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