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Hide And Seek

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Hiding and looking for things. Counting to 10. "Hide and seek." "Let's play." "Are you ready?"

Hide And Seek Lyrics and Actions

♫ Hide and seek. [Cover your face with your hands, and then place one hand over your eyes as if your are searching for something.]
Hide and seek.
Let's play hide and seek. [Pat your legs.]
Hide and seek. Hide and seek. Let's play hide and seek.
Are you ready? Yeah! [Throw your fist in the air!]
Are you ready? Yeah!
Everybody...HIDE! [Encourage the kids to hide.]
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10... [While everyone hides, the seeker covers his eyes and counts.]
Ready or not, here I come! [The seeker looks for everyone. Pause the music here if you like.]
Hide and seek. Hide and seek. Let's play hide and seek.
Hide and seek. Hide and seek. Let's play hide and seek.
Let's play hide and seek. ♫


Hide and seek can be a little scary for young children, so introduce it slowly by first hiding items such as stuffed animals around the room and having the children look for them. For example, tell the children to close their eyes, and then hide a toy elephant somewhere in the classroom (don't hide it too well!). Ask the kids, "Where is the elephant?" Help them understand the game by pretending to look for the elephant, saying to yourself, "Where is the elephant? Where is the elephant?" After you've tried this a few times, have the children hide the object while you cover your eyes.

You may want to read some picture books with hidden objects first. Try reading "Where's Spot?" "Where's Maisy?" and "Where's Maisy's Panda?" to get the children used to hiding and looking for something.

When you feel the chldren are ready, tell them to hide. Make sure you have some places for them to hide! If there is nothing for them to hide behind, bring some towels or blankets to class and scatter them around the room. If it's a Mommy and Me class, kids can hide behind their parent. Try it a couple of times with no music. The children hide and the teacher counts to ten and says, "Ready or not, here I come!" While you look for the kids, say, "Where is Taro? Where is Lori? Where is Ahmad?" This teaches the kids the language of searching for something AND gets them very excited. When you find a child, say, "I found you!"

Once the children understand the game, try singing the song! To teach the song, just play it and do the gestures...the children will learn by watching and singing.

Classroom Benefits

Hide and seek is a super simple game, and a ton of fun with children from 2 to 10 years old. This song introduces all the language kids need to play the game. For young learners, this is a great way to introduce "Where is _____?"

Activity Ideas

When you cover your eyes and count, peek between your fingers to make sure the kids aren't hiding anywhere dangerous. 1

After you say, "Here I come!" pause the music so you can take your time searching for the kids. If you want to play again, start the song from the beginning. If you want to stop playing, let the music continue playing and sing the final verse. 2

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