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Count And Move

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Counting from 1 to 20.

Count And Move Lyrics and Actions

Let's get started with some counting! [Make a circle or a line.]
Can you count to 20? [Everybody jumps up and says "YEAH!!!"]
Here we go! [Start marching! The march leader, either teacher or a student, sets the pace.]

[The music quiets down here, sing quietly or whisper. If you are marching, start tip-toeing.]

YAY!!!!!! [Everybody claps, jumps up and down, and says "YAY!" ]
That was fun!

Classroom Benefits

"Count And Move" is a high-energy counting song. We've kept it super simple so that you can use it in a variety of ways such as marching, passing a ball, counting objects, English aerobics, or other ideas.

It's a great warm up song to start class, or for a break between more quiet activities. Get kids up, moving and counting! Yay!!

Activity Ideas

The simplest way to use this song is to make a line, or circle, and march. Take a step as each number is said. Count on the beat, or do a call-and-response, repeating each number in the song. 1

Try marching with tambourines, rattles or other noise making instruments. 2

Give each child a number card. When their number comes up in the song, they hold up their card and shout their number. Have them decorate their cards to hang up in the classroom or keep them for use with other activities. 3

Make an obstacle course with boxes, hula hoops, chairs, etc. for kids to maneuver around, over, under and through as they march and count. 4

Make a special Marching Hat. Each time you sing the song, have a different child be the leader and wear the hat and be at the beginning of the line. Give them a baton or whistle to make it extra special. 5

Use this song to count objects. Give each student marbles, straws, pom poms, bean bags, etc. (be sure to supervise young children carefully with small objects) and have them count the objects along with the song. Use two bowls and transfer the objects from one bowl to the other while you sing and count. 6

Do English aerobics! Do push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, etc. It's a great way to get students excited. Thanks to Kim from Aichi, Japan for this idea. 7

Line up number flashcards 1 to 20 on the whiteboard. Point to the numbers in order as you sing in a call-and-response fashion. Next, mix up the numbers and try it again. Listen, find, point, sing! Thanks to Laurie from Hiroshima, Japan for this idea. 8

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