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Open Shut Them (Classroom Version)

Language Focus

Opposites (Open/shut followed by a karaoke track for adding your own opposite pairs.)

Open Shut Them (Classroom Version) Lyrics and Actions

♫ Open shut them, open shut them. [Open and shut your hands.]
Give a little clap clap clap. [Clap.]
Open shut them, open shut them. [Open and shut your hands.]
Put them in your lap lap lap. [Pat your legs.]

(Repeat 4x) ♫

After the initial verse, there are four music-only verses. Use these verses to introduce and review new opposites! Some possibilities that are very gesture-friendly are:

  • Hot and cold
  • Near and far
  • Up and down
  • In and out
  • Back and forward
  • Left and right
  • Bright and dark
  • Long and short
  • Front and back
  • Over and under
  • Yummy and yucky
  • Good and bad
  • etc.

Classroom Benefits

Singing "Open Shut Them" is a wonderful way to introduce and review opposites. The "Classroom Version" allows teachers, parents, and children to add their own opposites!

Activity Ideas

Use this song when reading a storytime book about opposites and use the words in the song. 1

Don't limit yourself to opposite pairs! Try other words like run and stop, jump and hop, throw and catch, brush and comb...there are many possibilities!! 2

Select students gesture their own pairs and have everyone else guess. Then use these in the song. 3

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