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Make A Circle

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Language Focus Other songs about: shapes, classroom management, opposites

"Make a circle." "Hello." Simple vocabulary (big/small, round and round, up/down, sit down).

Make A Circle Lyrics and Actions

♫ Time to make a circle. [Everyone rushes to the center of the room and holds hands in a circle.]
Make a circle, big big big. [Make the circle bigger.]
Small small small. [Make the circle smaller.]
Big big big. [Make the circle bigger.]
Make a circle, small small small. [Make the circle smaller.]
Hello hello hello. [Everybody waves to each other. Try to make eye contact with each child.]

Make a circle, round and round. [Holding hands, walk around in a big circle.]
Round and round.
Round and round. [If you like, move the circle in the other direction.]
Make a circle, round and round.
Hello hello hello.

Make a circle, up up up. [While holding hands, everyone reaches up high!]
Down down down. [Crouch down low.]
Up up up. [Reach high!]
Make a circle, down down down. [Crouch low.]
Now sit down. [Everyone sits down.]


CAUTION: When going around in a circle, be careful. The children will be holding hands, and if some children go faster than others, or yank on their neighbor, children can take a pretty hard fall. No pulling or running! If children are being rambunctious, try jumping/hopping/tip-toeing/light skipping/etc. instead. Or have them drop their hands and go round and round by turning in a circle in place.


Before singing the song, gather the class in a circle with everyone holding hands. Here you can practice some of the actions in the song and more. Say, "Let's make a BIIIIIG circle!" and then have everyone say, "HELLO!" Then say, "Let's make a small circle...smaller...smaller..." Whisper, "Hello" to everyone. Then say loudly, "BIG circle." Practice going round and round, reaching up and down and other actions like jumping, hopping, touching your nose/ears/head, etc.

After you have played the song for several weeks, have one of the children be the circle leader and call out commands. You can alternate circle leaders each week.

Classroom Benefits

This is a great song for classroom management. Not only does it teach children useful everyday classroom language like "make a circle" and "sit down," but at the end of the song, students are seated and ready for the next language activity.

Circle time is a great way to start class or to bring everyone back together after an activity. Use it outside of the classroom as well, such as on the playground or at the park.

Activity Ideas

If you are using this in a classroom, use the space between verses to prepare the kids for the next verse. For example, after "Hello hello hello" in the first verse, say, "Now, let's go round and round!" After you have used the song a few times, you can ask your students after each verse, "What's next?" 1

The song finishes with everybody sitting down. Now you are ready to begin any circle activity you like. "Knock Knock Hello" followed by "Make A Circle" is a great way to start any type of class. 2

This tune is such an easy one to remember, you can sing it any time you need to gather kids in a circle, even without the CD. 3

Add some extra verses to keep things interesting. Try "in/out," "touch your nose/ears/toes/etc.," "jump jump jump," "hop hop hop," and more. 4

If you have a parachute, have the class make a circle by holding the parachute as you sing. You can also use a bed sheet. 5

Once students learn this song well, sometimes they can get a little wild when the music starts. Try adding additional activities or create new ways of using the song throughout the year to keep their interest. 6

Give each student a colored ribbon (like these wrist ribbons from Lakeshore Learning.) Practice making BIG circles with it by swirling it around in front of you, and small circles. (Be sure students are far enough apart that they will not hit each other's eyes).
Twirl the ribbons round and round. Next go up, up, up and take the ribbons down, down, down. Then sit down. Ribbons are also great for practicing or reviewing colors with "I See Something Blue" or "I See Something Pink." 7

Give each student a colored piece of fabric, bandannas work great! Do a similar activity to the ribbons, having students twirl the fabric around in big and small circles, twirl it up over their heads and down low to the ground. Then have the students spread out their bandannas and sit down. This activity is nice because it gives each student a designated place to sit. 8

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