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Knock Knock Hello

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"Hello." "Come in." "Knock knock." Classroom activities (sing, play, learn).

Knock Knock Hello Lyrics and Actions

♫ Hello! (Hello!) [Wave with your right hand.]
Hello! (Hello!) [Wave with your left hand.]
Come in. [Motion to come inside.]
Let's sing. [Pretend you are singing into a microphone.]
Let's play. [Run in place.]
Hello! (Hello!) [Wave with your right hand.]
Hello! (Hello!) [Wave with your left hand.]
Knock, knock, knock. [Pretend to knock on a door.]
Come on in! [Motion for someone to come inside.]
Let's sing. [Pretend you are singing into a microphone.]
And play. [Run in place.]
And learn together. [Tap your finger on your temple.]
Knock, knock! [Thrust your fist in the air.]

Classroom Benefits

"Knock Knock Hello" is a great song to begin your English class, Mommy and Me class, or before study or play time at home. Use this song to indicate that class is starting and to introduce children to basic manners, like knocking before entering.

Using a hello song at the beginning of class signals the start of the lesson and helps provide a nice transition into a learning environment. With younger learners, use the same hello song several weeks in a row so that students get to know it well. This will build their confidence and give them a sense of security at the start of the lesson as they immediately know what to do.

Activity Ideas

With larger groups, try breaking the class into two groups and have them line up facing each other on opposite sides of the room. Kids on one side sing, "Hello!" and wave to their classmates on the other side of the room. That group responds, "Hello!" This is a great way to use the song because it emphasizes that we are singing about doing these things together. 1

With smaller groups, you can have students get together in pairs and sing facing each other. 2

If you have parents in class, have the child and parent sing facing each other. 3

If you have a small class, try starting class by having the children knock on the door. This gives you a chance to talk briefly with each child as you invite them to "come in." 4

Draw a picture of a house with a big door in the middle, and some windows. Cut the picture so that you can open the door and windows. Hold the house in front of you and show your child/students how to "knock" on the door. Ask, "Who is it?" or "What's your name?" After the child answers, say, "Come in!" and encourage them to open the door. Hold the house up to your face so that when the child opens the door, he/she will see your face saying, "Hello!" Children love this form of "peek-a-boo" and will enjoy knocking again and again, giving them lots of opportunity to practice greetings ("Hello." "What's your name?" "Who is it?" "Come in!" etc.) 5

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