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I See Something Blue

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Colors (blue, yellow, red, purple). "I see something..."

I See Something Blue Lyrics and Actions

♫ Blue! [Hold up a blue flashcard.]
I see something blue. [Hold your hand above your eyes as if you are searching for something.]
I see something blue.
Blue, blue, blue, blue...
I see something blue.
Find something blue! [Look around the room for blue items.]

Yellow! [Hold up a yellow flashcard.]
I see something yellow. [Hold your hand above your eyes as if you are searching for something.]
I see something yellow.
Yellow, yellow...
I see something yellow.
Find something yellow! [Look around the room for yellow items.]

Red! [Hold up a red flashcard.]
I see something red. [Hold your hand above your eyes as if you are searching for something.]
I see something red.
Red, red, red, red...
I see something red.
Find something red! [Look around the room for red items.]

Purple! [Hold up a purple flashcard.]
I see something purple. [Hold your hand above your eyes as if you are searching for something.]
I see something purple.
Purple, purple...
I see something purple.
Find something purple! [Look around the room for purple items.]

Blue. [Point to something blue.]
Yellow. [Point to something yellow.]
Red. [Point to something red.]
Purple. [Point to something purple.]
I see colors everywhere. ♫

Classroom Benefits

"I See Something Blue" is a great song to use to explore objects at home or in the classroom. When you sing the song, you can identify different colored objects around the room. Also, learning the expression "I see something..." allows you to play "I spy" games with the children.

Activity Ideas

Pause the music between each verse to allow the children time to explore the room and search for colors. 1

Instead of having children run around the room looking for colors, have them try to locate colors in a picture book, a collection of toys, or something else you can place on the ground or table in front of them. 2

Give each student a set of small colored objects, such as pom poms, marbles, buttons, etc. (be sure to supervise young children carefully!). Play "I See Something Blue" and have students pick out the different colors. 3

After singing the song a few times, play the "I See Something..." game. Have the children gather around you. Look around the room and then say, "I see something blue/red/yellow," etc. The students then try to guess which object you "see." They can point at the objects, or name them if they know the word. This is a great game for introducing new vocabulary. For example, if a student points to a blue pencil, the teacher can say, "The blue pencil? No, not the pencil. " After each guess, the teacher can introduce the word for the item the student is pointing to. After playing this game a couple of times, encourage the students to identify the objects by name, and then let the students take the lead and say, "I see something..." 4

Teaching Tip: make teaching materials for other vocabulary topics in the eight colors mentioned in "I See Something Blue" and "I See Something Pink." Then sing these songs as a follow up activity to your main language topic. 5

See our Pinterest board on Teaching Shapes and Colors for more ideas. 6

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