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Days Of The Week

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The days of the week!

Days Of The Week Lyrics and Actions

♫ Sunday
(Repeat) ♫

Classroom Benefits

This is a classic tune for learning the days of the week. It's very short and simple and great for playing in the background in the classroom, at home, or in the car so that kids can gradually pick up on the days of the week and their order.

Activity Ideas

Make up your own gestures for each day of the week. Start by talking with the children about some of their daily activities. Many of your students may have soccer practice, piano practice, English class, etc. throughout the week. Select one activity and associated gesture to go with each day. Then, do the gestures as you sing. 1

Have the students point to the days on the class calendar as you sing. Or, each class session, select a different student be the song leader and point to the days of the week on the calendar. 2

Stop the music during the song and see if the children can say the next day. Or tell the kids to do different actions when they hear different days. For example, stand up on "Tuesday" and sit down on "Friday." These activities help students internalize the order of the days of the week. 3

If you are using the song in class, assign each student a different day of the week and give them the flashcard for that day. As the song plays, each student must stand up and sing his/her day at the right time. After singing the song, mix the students up and then have them put themselves in the correct order, starting from Sunday. Mix them up again, have them trade flashcards, and then have them put themselves in the correct order again, this time starting from Monday. 4

This is one vocabulary topic that benefits from repetition, a song is a great way to reinforce this language. Be sure to play it often. 5

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