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Clean Up!

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"Clean up." "Put your things away." Children's objects (toys, books, shoes).

Clean Up! Lyrics and Actions

♫ Clean up, clean up.
Everybody, let's clean up.
Clean up, clean up.
Put your things away.
(Repeat 3x)

Clean up! Clean up! Clean up! Put your things away.
Pick up your toys.
Pick up your books.
Pick up your shoes.
Put your things away.

Clean up, clean up.
Everybody, let's clean up.
Clean up, clean up.
Put your things away.
(Repeat) ♫

Classroom Benefits

"Clean Up!" is the perfect simple song to signal clean up time at home or in the classroom. Use this song to transition easily from one activity to another by having kids help with putting things away.

Activity Ideas

The easiest way to introduce the song is simply to start playing it each time you clean up after an activity. Children will very quickly associate this song with clean up time. 1

When using the song for the first time, use a puppet to demonstrate cleaning up some blocks or other small items. 2

Challenge the children to have everything cleaned up and put away before the song is finished. It's incredible how quickly they start moving towards the end of the song. 3

At home, use "Clean Up!" to encourage children to pick up their things after they are finished playing. Or try singing it together (with or without the CD,) when doing chores together around the house. 4

Always remember that you shouldn't rush to clean up in class after finishing an activity. Clean up time is an activity itself, and it's a great opportunity to use language in a real, meaningful context. 5

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