Easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn educational resources for young children.
Easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn songs for the classroom or home from Super Simple Learning.

Super Simple Songs

Super Simple Songs are classic kids songs and new originals made by teachers and tested by students. They're appropriately paced, lyrically simple, full of space for movement, easily taught through gesture, and most importantly, FUN!

Original Series

Super Simple Learning Original Series CDs with tons of classic and original kids' songs.

Super Simple Songs 1, 2, & 3 are packed full of songs you can use right away with young learners. They're great for the classroom, at home, or in the car!

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Themes Series

Super Simple Learning Theme series CDs have tons of great holiday and animal themed kids' songs!

Our themed CDs cover the popular topics of Animals, Halloween, and Christmas along with other basic topics such as counting, parts of the body, and food vocabulary.

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Customer Reviews

The Super Simple Songs CD 1 and 2 are superb! I love them and I have used them with my students in Brazil. Their ages range from 3 to 6 year old. They really enjoy them and they have had a lot of fun acting out while they are singing. Thanks very much for such creativity! Risa Brazil

I work with different age groups in France. The CDs "Super Simple Songs" are just great, the kids find them great fun. I noticed that it is easy for the kids to participate because there aren't too many words to remember. At last I've found what I've been looking for!!!! Lena France

My preschool class has about 20 kids, jumping all around at the end of the school day, and they get really excited about the English class. I always feel very anxious because I'm never sure about what to do with them. But yesterday we learned the words and the moves and then we played it along with the song: they absolutely loved it! They just wanted me to play it over and over again! And I'm amazed about how quickly they learned everything: the words, the moves, all at the same time! It was just great...! Vera Martins Portugal

I purchased Super Simple Songs and Super Simple Songs 2 and I love them both. Just like the first CD there are songs that have the slower version and then a faster version. This special feature allows the children in my class the time to hear and learn the words to the song before introducing the faster paced version. Jan Scalsky Texas, USA

As a former ESL and 1st grade teacher, I found the songs and materials on Super Simple Songs to be extremely useful and entertaining! Children will easily engage with the catching rhymes of many old family and classroom favorites, as well as some great new originals. Paula Conley 2005 Idaho Teacher of the Year

I just wanted to say that your Super Simple Songs are wonderful for our purposes at the Auditory Oral School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students. At the Auditory Oral School of San Francisco we teach Deaf and Hard of Hearing student how to speak using speech and language. We are always looking for simple songs that the children can hear and understand the words clearly. We are also looking for songs that are at a nice pace to allow the students to sing along. Thanks so much for your songs! Kristi Petree San Francisco, USA Website

I have used this CD in the Preschool Special Education setting and my students have been requesting to hear songs from it daily during circle time. Michelle Nakazato Hawaii, USA

Excellent for teaching English to preschool hard of hearing students and deaf students with cochlear implants. The words are are very clear and the music has a good beat. The CD has a collection of original songs, traditional songs and traditional songs with new words substituted which is great for vocabulary development. There is a nice balance of sit down songs and songs with a lot of movement. Kids love them. Barbara Jo German

In my class for students with autism, we use this CD all day long! The songs with the 'learn' feature at a slower speed helps my students to pick up on the individual words. Incorporating music into our daily routines, morning meeting/calendar/work time/play time/clean up/goodbye, etc. really motivates my students-- And there's a song for just about every routine that we do! Michelle P Florida, USA

As a teacher of young students with autism, I love this CD. My students respond well to music, and we use it as a cue to call kids to the table, during activities, for clean up, etc. The slower pace of the songs makes it easier for my kids to learn. The practice and learn features are great! Michelle Florida, USA

I'm Zuzana and I teach kids in Slovakia. We adore your songs. My three year old daughter learns English watching your videos and she doesn't know about it. I think that you have done a great job. Be proud of yourself and lots of greetings from your little fans in Slovakia. THAAAAAAAnk you :) Zuzana Slovakia

I've been playing the CD to my daughter (who is now 15 months old) ever since she was 6 months old. Now every time the CD begins she grins ear to ear. She is learning to knock knock, point up and down, sit down, spin in a circle. It's wonderful. We love it! Melissa Hinnant Florida, USA

I took this to my son's preschool so they could play it in his classroom, and ALL the kids loved it! They would stop what they were doing to listen, then they ran around the room dancing and making up hand gestures that went along with the songs. My son is 3 years old, and he calls this his "Big Boy Music" and demands to hear it several times a day. He can even sing some of the songs, as they are very easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this CD to anyone with preschoolers or younger kids, as they get an opportunity to dance and have fun, and it is even enjoyable for parents too! Caran Johnson Oregon, USA

I have purchased several CD's for my 2.5 year old son that he enjoys. However, when a co-worker gave me Super Simple Songs, it became the favorite CD asked for over and over. It is the only CD that I also enjoy and never tire of playing for him. I highly recommend. Anonymous San Jose, California, USA

Having 3 active boys under the age of 4 (twins), was not conducive to quiet story times. It is a delight to pop this CD in the player and have wonderful soft music and interact with my first granddaughter, Savannah. She and I have bonded over Super Simple Songs. And, I too can now touch my nose, knees and toes! Marcia Stead Florida, USA

My daughter loves to sing and dance and play, and I want her to learn English. With Super Simple Songs, we get all of that in a most effective and pleasurable way. Steffen, Andrea & daughter Julia Germany

Super Simple Songs is an outstanding resource for the ESL teacher. In my school, kids love these songs and have great fun dancing them. You're incredible. Isabel Spain

This CD is a godsend! I teach English to 4 and 5 year olds in Italy and found this to be the most effective way to teach the kids...They all love singing them and actually learn while having fun! Bravo!!! D. Sean Smith Italy

Super Simple Songs has simply changed the way we teach children. Music has now become a big part of our lesson plan, whereas before it was something fun to do if it could be squeezed in. These are the first CDs I've heard that really had the children in mind when they were made. Instead of buying a CD for one or two good songs that the kids will enjoy and be able to sing along to, every Super Simple Song can be taught, memorized and applied with little extra effort. Shane Jones - Dekiru English House Tochigi, Japan

Thanks for composing and singing so many much needed songs...just the kind of songs I'd been searching high and low for so many years, with mixed results. The kids we've had the chance to introduce a few songs to have really enjoyed them and it's great to see them break into a smile when either the tempo changes suddenly or an action is called for. Paul Evans Tokyo, Japan Website

I am excited - it really is super simple. My ESL preschoolers enjoy it and we are using the songs to teach the kids the ABCs of English in a very funny way. Thank you. Dita Spurkova Czech Republic

I find your CDs just fantastic and just the thing I needed to refresh and upgrade my teaching style. The kids come out of the classes singing the songs. And a parent told me her son broke out into singing The Bath Song in the bath! I had only sung the song with the boy once. Thank you. Luc Hyatt Nagasaki, Japan

I'm happy I bought the 3 CD set for my classes. This year I'm teaching for the first time to 5-7 years old children and it's very difficult to get their interest. I bought the CD and I tried the day after. As I'm a musician, I can remember easily lyrics and sing them. The kids loved the songs ( Five little pumpkins, Hello, Make a Circle and Trick or Treat) . Thanks sooo much. You saved me! Mary Belgium

I must tell you that your CDs have been a success. I've tried them for 4 days now and children love the songs. I played "Hello, Hello" and "Walking, Walking" for the 4 and 5 year-old students and they wanted to listen to it again and again. I also tried "The Pinocchio" one with my 8-9 year-old students and, although the boys were a bit reluctant to follow my gestures, they had fun at the end and wanted to do it again during the next lesson (especially the girls). Mónica Guillén Dorrego Spain

If you're a pre-school ESL teacher with just a little experience these CDs will make it effortless and fun just like teaching kids should be! Mary Osaka, Japan

Your songs are a hit in my classes. My kids love the rhythm and the lyrics, not to mention that fact they they can move around!!! Patricia Soares Portugal

Hi! I really like your songs they are funny and happy the children love them. I use "Who Took the Cookie?" as icebreaker in my classroom and my children love this song. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your tips. Virginioa Ramirez Mexico

Learning to say "Hello!" and "Good-bye!" is easier, cleaning up is easier, teaching songs is easier with you. "Uh-huh!" is fun to sing, "The Hokey Pokey" is fun to play, "Rock Scissors Paper" is... LOL! :) Thank you! Zerrin Kesoglugil Turkey

I work for a big school in Barcelona Spain called the North American Institute. Although I've been teaching kids for 13 years, I've discovered through Super Simple Songs how to plan my classes through music!!!! It's fantastic how well these materials work in the class. Children have a lot of fun from the first day and learn the songs super fast. You are doing a great job. They are very easy to incorporate into your lesson plan and use it with the book. Congratulations!!! May Miralles - North American Institute Barcelona, Spain

Congratulations for all your work and your great efforts to make our classes and lessons plans easier! This is my first year working with children who are 3 years old, and you are definitely the best help I have ever had! Isidro Spain

Today was the first day I have ever been exposed to you "stuff" and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It is just wonderful! Hats off to all of you - it's fun - it's catchy - it's amazing! Lisa Jo Connecticut, USA

Very creative, wow!
I want to thank you for creating such wonderful songs. It has really helped my toddler to speak faster than I expected. We all love your songs. I know them all and I sincerely sing them daily. Leydi

This is the best way for kids to enjoy and learn English at the same time. My 3 year old daughter loves it, so do my little students:) You guys are unique. Thank you. Petra

thanks =)
Hi, I've been searching on the net for a loooooong time for my nursery class and I'm so thankful to God that I've found this site. The songs are so cute and appeal to nursery children a lot. Thank you for that great job and such a cute voice =) Fatima

Just what I've been looking for.
I have sooo many kids CDs but none of them ever work in my English classes. I've been using these songs for over a year now and they've made a very big difference in my classes. My kids love singing now. And they learn so much, even if they have no idea they're learning! Mari

Great for autistic children too!
Your songs are perfect for my 3 year old, who has autism and sensory integration issues. The simple songs (with movement suggestions that are provided as part of the lyrics PDF) are helping her integrate sound, visuals, and movement. THANK YOU! Tammy

The best results.
I'm a Colombian preschool teacher, my little children (3 years old) love your songs and sing them all day long, it is an easy way to learn english and have fun. Thanks! Carolina Columbia

Lovely and easy songs.
I used Super Simple Songs with my 6 and 7 years old students and also with my kindergarten kids and it works amazing. I teach in Iceland but they have no problems with English because the lyrics are really easy to remember. I'm very thankful for it! Kelly Iceland

Very good materials for beginners.
Many of the songs are catchy and fun for young pre-school learners. They like them because they can move a lot and do different activities. The songs help teachers to a great extent, and the children learn much faster and remember things longer than the things taught without a song. Katka

From TEFL.Net Reviews
...these are the best collections of songs I have come across, and much better value than textbook or other song CDs from the big publishers. TEFL.Net Website

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