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Printing Tips & Troubleshooting

Two or More Flashcards Per Page
Want to print smaller flashcards? It’s easy to print two or more per page using your printer dialogue box.

Multiple Page Poster Prints
Make large size game boards by printing on multiple sheets of paper using the poster setting in your printer dialogue box.

A4 vs Letter Size
All of our resources are designed with the dimensions of international paper standards (ISO paper sizes) in mind, meaning they are all sized for printing on A4 paper.

If you are in the U.S. or another country that uses primarily traditional English paper sizes, you may need to adjust your settings when printing. Generally, selecting “Fit to page” or “Scale to fit” will scale the PDF to fit the paper you are using. Alternatively, if your printer supports A4 paper sizes, you may be able to purchase A4 size paper at an office supplies store.

Printing Troubleshooting
Usually updating to the latest version of Adobe Reader will solve most printing issues. Download Adobe Reader.