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Halloween Worksheets

Halloween themed worksheets for a variety of levels. Perfect for kids from 2-8 years old.Worksheets are a great way to extend your language learning activities. We've always felt that the best worksheets are easy for young learners to understand and complete, giving simple reinforcement and allowing for follow-up with role-plays and discussions.

Below, you can preview many of the free worksheets available for download in the Super Simple Learning Resource Center.

The worksheets are designed for a variety of ages/levels, with activities such as coloring sheets, picture matching, letter identification, counting, fill-in-the-blanks and more. You’ll find multiple worksheet pages available for each song the on the Super Simple Songs - Halloween CD, as well as crafts and games. Give ‘em a try!

Keep it Super Simple!

Hello, My Friends

Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat?

This Is The Way We Carve A Pumpkin

Can You Make A Happy Face?

Go Away, Spooky Goblin!

Five Creepy Spiders

Give Me Something Good To Eat

One For You, One For Me

The Skeleton Dance

Who Took The Candy?

Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? (Part 2)

Goodbye, My Friends