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Halloween Lesson Plan

Tell scary things to, "Go away!" with this music and movement based Halloween lesson plan for kids from Super Simple Learning. Halloween can be a fun, but sometimes scary time for young children. "Go Away, Spooky Goblin!" from Super Simple Songs - Halloween and "Go Away!" from Super Simple Songs One introduce some of the characters kids may encounter on Halloween, but with a sense of playfulness to help them deal with some of the fear they may experience.

Here is a simple lesson plan you can use with young learners built around the song "Go Away, Spooky Goblin!"

Halloween Lesson Plan #1 (using "Go Away, Spooky Goblin!")

Stickers/Stamps - Our students all have "Passports." At the beginning of class we collect the passports and let each student choose a sticker. This is a great time to call each student by name and practice/review very simple language like "Hello!" "How are you?" and "What color?" (when choosing a sticker).

Hello Song - "Hello, My Friends" from Super Simple Songs - Halloween is great for the weeks leading up to Halloween. For learners 4 years old and under, you'll want to use the same hello song each week to reassure them at the start of class. For older students, try mixing it up a little. Use "Hello, My Friends" for a couple of weeks, then use the sing-along version and change some of the lyrics, adding new costumes and Halloween terms.

Make a Circle - Make a circle with everyone in the class. Make a big circle! Make a small circle. Go up! Go down. Walk around in a circle. Next, sing "Make A Circle" from Super Simple Songs One. The students will love it and at the end of the song everyone will be seated in a circle, ready for the next activity.

Picture cards - Introduce some of the Halloween vocabulary students will be using when you sing "Go Away, Spooky Goblin!" Download and print out the song vocabulary flashcards from the Super Simple Songs - Halloween - Complete Flashcards set. Insert the cards into a large envelope (if possible, decorate the envelope with question marks and other fun designs). In class, "notice" the envelope sitting on the shelf and go examine it. Look inside the envelope and then look back at the students excitedly. Look back in the envelope and then back at the students. Build excitement and anticipation about what is inside the envelope. When the students start asking to see what's inside, (encourage them to say, in English, "Show me!"), put the envelope back and say playfully, "No, no, no." When the students keep asking to see what's in the envelope, say, "Okay! Let's look!"

Slowly pull out the first picture card so that it is revealed little by little. When using picture cards with young learners, always try to build anticipation and excitement! When the card is fully revealed, say, "Look! A goblin/spider/skeleton/etc.!" Encourage the children to name the card. Pass the card around the circle so each child can say the name. Repeat with all the cards.

When you are finished, place the picture cards on the whiteboard or lean them up against the wall.

Fun Song - Choose your favorite active song to get the kids up and moving. This helps children with a lot of energy calm down a little bit, and children with low energy perk up a little bit. Some favorites from Super Simple Songs - Halloween are "Knock Knock, Trick or Treat?" and "The Skeleton Dance." A well placed active song helps keep young learners focused and energized.

Simple Craft - See our Pinterest board on “Halloween For Kids” for some simple ghost, spider and jack-o’-lantern craft ideas.

Clean Up Song - Sing your favorite clean up song as you clean up all the craft materials. Try the "Clean Up!" song from Super Simple Songs One. Always remember not to rush clean up time! It's a great opportunity to use natural English and young children really enjoy helping to clean up.

Run and Get! - Gather the students in a circle. Ask the students to bring you the different picture cards. Say, "Mari, can you bring me the skeleton?" To make it more fun, give them a five second countdown to bring you the card. Do the same with all of the cards. After you have collected all the cards, review them and teach gestures for each one. Set the cards back on the whiteboard or against the wall when you are finished.

"Go Away!" - Sing "Go Away, Spooky Goblin!" from Super Simple Songs - Halloween. Before each verse, point to the picture card of the next Halloween character so students know which one will be next.

Storytime! - Play some gentle music to indicate it is story time. "Please Sit Down And Storytime Music" from Super Simple Songs One works well. Choose one of your favorite Halloween-themed story books. Some of our favorites are "Spot's Halloween," "Halloween Countdown," "Eek-A-Boo!" and "Pumpkin Faces."

Stickers/Stamps - We like to end class with stamps in the students' passports to give them a sense of accomplishment.

Goodbye Song - "Goodbye, My Friends" from Super Simple Songs - Halloween is a simple and warm goodbye song that makes a great bookend to "Hello, My Friends."