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Christmas Party Ideas

Kids' Christmas Pageant Ideas from Super Simple Learning. Ideal for ages 2-8.There are several great ways to celebrate the holidays with your classes. Many schools like to have Holiday Pageants with each of the classes or age groups performing a song. There are great benefits to this kind of performance. The performance gives the students something meaningful to prepare for and can improve focus and classroom spirit in the weeks leading up to the pageant. It's also great for parents to be able to see their children show what they've learned. And there is something magical about a room filled with holiday music ^_^.

With Super Simple Songs - Christmas, one of our goals was to provide a range of songs that would suit beginners to more advanced learners, so that each age group/level would be able to perform a song at their level.

If you're thinking of doing a Christmas pageant, here are some suggestions for how you can divide the songs from Super Simple Songs - Christmas amongst the different levels at your school (the songs are all actually appropriate for kids of all ages...these recommendations are based on the level of vocabulary in the songs):

Christmas Pageant

Welcome Song from Teachers - Hello, Reindeer

2-3 year olds - Jingle Jingle Little Bell

3-4 year olds - Little Snowflake

4-5 year olds - I’m A Little Snowman

5-6 year olds - 10 Little Elves or We Wish You A Merry Christmas

6-7 year olds - What Do You Want For Christmas? (from Super Simple Songs One) or Santa's On His Way (from Super Simple Songs - Christmas)

7-8 year olds - S-A-N-T-A

8-9 year olds - Santa, Where Are You?

9-10 year olds - Decorate The Christmas Tree

Grand Finale with Everyone - Jingle Bells (Learn & Sing) and Goodbye, Snowman

The Super Simple Songs - Christmas CD also has instrumental (karaoke) tracks for each song, so you can play them as background music during the performances.


  • Be sure to allow plenty of preparation time. A good rule of thumb is to start practicing for the Christmas Pageant as soon as the Halloween decorations come down ^_^.
  • Enlist the help of parents. Let the parents of all your students know which song their child will be singing so they can practice and sing together at home.
  • Prepare a simple program for your pageant so everyone knows the order of the performances.
  • It helps to start with a song, and even a small skit, from the teachers. Once the students see their teachers singing, they’ll be eager to get up and sing themselves.
  • Organize your event so that the youngest children sing first. You don’t want the younger children to have to wait too long!
  • If you don’t have a wide range of ages at your school (for example, if you are teaching in a kindergarten setting), you can have one or two groups of students each sing several songs. You may even want to create a skit or two around some of the songs.
  • Schedule an intermission so everyone can get up and stretch their legs.
  • Everyone enjoys a visit from Santa at some point in the show!