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Meet Alice The Camel! 🐪

Meet Alice and her friends: Ruby, Sally Felix, Lilly, Andy, Larry, and Sammy. These guys love to sing, count, and dance! Join them in our new song, “Alice The Camel.” The traditional kids’ song is great for practicing counting, but … Continue reading

Weather Topics – Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Many of our songs have more than one version. Often, we have a slowed down or simplified “Learn It” version so that young learners can get to know the words at an easy pace. After they have learned the lyrics … Continue reading

Five Little Pumpkins – Classroom Tips

“Five Little Pumpkins” is fun little song off of Super Simple Songs 3. While it’s a nice fit for the Halloween season, it can be sung any time of the year and is one of our autumn favorites. We wanted … Continue reading

weather flashcards

Posted on by Troy

Added 6 new weather flashcards for sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy, windy and stormy. Four of these go great with How’s the Weather? from Super Simple Songs Two. Our January topic at Knock Knock English is Clothing and Weather. Hope to … Continue reading