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Meet Alice The Camel! 🐪

Meet Alice and her friends: Ruby, Sally Felix, Lilly, Andy, Larry, and Sammy. These guys love to sing, count, and dance! Join them in our new song, “Alice The Camel.” The traditional kids’ song is great for practicing counting, but … Continue reading

How Many Fingers Are On Your Hand?

Are you looking for a fun new song this Halloween season? Try “How Many Fingers?” Follow along with this group of friendly monsters as they count their fingers and toes! Take off your shoes and socks and join in!

“Let’s Go Fishing” Game

Kids love to role play and use their imagination. Here’s a fun and easy way to learn or review letters, numbers, and colors by going fishing! Not only can kids practice motor skills by guiding the fishing line to the … Continue reading

Get Ready For Halloween

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at Super Simple Learning! And our students love it too! We think Halloween is such a great time for learning, that we have created tons and tons of resources for you to … Continue reading