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Find Out What’s Going On “Down By The Bay”


Down By The Bay is a classic kids’ song with a very catchy tune. Not only is this song fun to sing, it’s also a great way to learn about rhyming. As you sing along, listen for the animals and the words they rhyme with. Then make up more pairs to sing your own version. Continue reading →

Bumble Nums – Kids’ T-shirt Contest

blog-the-bumble-nums-contest Meet the Bumble Nums! There’s Humble, Grumble, and Stumble. They have a brand new show on the Super Simple TV YouTube channel. To celebrate, we’re having a Kids’ T-shirt Contest. To enter, answer the question of the day about the show. You can leave a comment on the Facebook or Instagram post, or on our blog. We will select one winner at random from among the entries received.
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It’s yum yum fun with the Bumble Nums!

Meet The Bumble Nums

Introducing the Bumble Nums! Meet Humble, Grumble, and Stumble…three friends that love to prepare fantastic dishes. Continue reading →

The Ants Go Marching | Counting Song

The Ants Go Marching - Counting Song
The Ants Go Marching” is a fun rhyming and counting song filled with cute ant characters. Join in as they march one by one, two by two…all the way up to ten by ten. Along the way, see what the littlest ant is up to. Continue reading →