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I Like You – Featuring Milo!


Milo likes soooo many things! He enjoys playing outside, riding his bike, going on hikes, and counting the stars. He also likes to do stuff inside, like reading a book, watching TV, and playing guitar.

But do you know what Milo really really really likes? YOU!! 💜💜💜

What things do you like? Let Milo know in the comments below.

I Like You
I like to sing songs
I like to ride my bike
I like to play games
I like to go on hikes
And I really really really like you

I like to read books
I like to watch TV
I like to run around
I like to climb trees
And I really really really like you

I like to sing with you
I like to dance with you
I like to play hide ‘n seek all day
And I like to be with you

I like to jump rope
I like to count the stars
I like to walk my dog
I like to play guitar
And I really really really really really really really you!!

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  • Jackie Graham

    I thoroughly enjoyed the energy and interaction involved. Children get a chance to interact with characters and learn at the same time. They get a chance to sing along, identify words, and gain an understanding of the communicative purpose of print and develop an interest in reading and writing.

    • http://www.supersimplelearning.com/ Super Simple Learning

      Thank you for your message. We hope that our songs, videos, and characters can help kids discover the joy of learning from a young age. Wishing you the best.

  • Chriszel

    I like it when my parents smile