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Are you ready to go fast? 🏎

Car racing cartoon - Pit Stop. From Super Simple TV

It’s the perfect day for a race as competitors 1, 2, 3, and 4 rev up their engines and take to the track in our newest Super Simple TV show, Pit Stop.

This action packed car racing cartoon follows the four drivers as they speed through the twists, turns, and jumps of the Park Racetrack. Announcers Tom and Carol guide you through the excitement with their insightful commentary. When Racer #3 has a problem with his car, it’s a trip to the Pit Stop where the master mechanic and her helpers come to the rescue. Will he be able to recover from the flat tire and get back in the race? Tune in and find out!

After watching the video, follow up by making a car craft. Check out our new Pinterest board about Things That Go Vroom! Your preschooler or kindergartner will love getting hands-on with all of these fun projects.

We hope you enjoy the newest show from Super Simple TV. Be sure to subscribe so that you are the first to find out when new episodes of Pit Stop come out.

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