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New Contest! (UPDATED)

UPDATE (7/30/13): Contest closed. We have winners! 

Four entries guessed the correct song, “Sweet Dreams, Goodnight Song”. We assigned each of them a number and then used random.org to randomly select the prize order. Here’s how it turned out:

1st prize – Michelle
2nd prize – Nathalie
3rd prize (2 winners) – Damares/Lisa

Here’s what Michelle won!

1st Prize. Congratulations, Michelle

1st Prize. Congratulations, Michelle!

Thanks to everyone for entering! We’ve added the video at the end of this post.

Original post:
As a thank you to everyone for supporting our YouTube channel, we’ve been preparing a special new video which we’ll release when we hit 1 billion views in the coming days.

Mama Bear and Baby Bear coming home

Can you guess what song the video is for? If you can, we may have a prize for you!

Mama Bear pulling Baby Bear

Leave a guess in the comments section below for a chance to win one of three great prizes.

Mama Bear hanging out with Baby Bears

We’ll identify the correct answers and, from those, choose three random entries as prize winners. If nobody guesses the correct song, or if only 1 or 2 people guess the correct song, we’ll still choose three winners at random, so give it your best guess! After we identify the three winners, we’ll contact you for delivery details. Be sure to comment with a valid email address so we can contact you. We will not use or distribute your email for any purpose.

Baby Bear climbing a tree

The fine print: One entry per person please and to be eligible, your comment must be posted here on the blog, not on Facebook. Contest ends July 27, 2013 at 12pm PST. We’ll announce the winners after the new video has been released. If we’re not able to reach you within five days of the end of the contest, we’ll select an alternate winner. 

Mama Bear hugging Baby Bear

1st place (a $185.88 value + free shipping)
A complete collection of all Super Simple Learning physical products, including 3 brand new items we’ll be announcing next week (you’re gonna love them!). We’ll ship it to you (or to whomever you’d like to gift it) anywhere!

Super Simple Songs 1
Super Simple Songs 2
Super Simple Songs 3
Super Simple Songs – Animals
Super Simple Songs – Halloween
Super Simple Songs – Christmas
Super Simple ABCs – Upper Case Student Book
Super Simple ABCs – Lower Case Student Book
Super Simple ABCs – Phonics Fun CD
New Mystery Item #1 (Hint…it’s our most requested item.)
New Mystery Item #2 (Hint…storytime…fun with our favorite dog.)
New Mystery Item #3 (Hint…storytime…always listen to Mama!)

2nd place (a $94.93 value)
Downloads of:
Super Simple Songs 1
Super Simple Songs 2
Super Simple Songs 3
Super Simple Songs – Animals
Super Simple Songs – Halloween
Super Simple Songs – Christmas
New Mystery Item #1

3rd place (a $55.96 value)
Downloads of:
Super Simple Songs 1
Super Simple Songs 2
Super Simple Songs 3
New Mystery Item #1

Leave your guess in the comments below! Good luck!

HINT: The song is an updated version of a song from one of our CDs.

P.S. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the new video as soon as it is released. We’ve also got a bunch of new videos lined up for the next couple of months ^_^, so stay tuned!

UPDATE (7/30/13): Contest closed. Here is the video:

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  • Lilian

    My Teddy Bear

  • Filmore


  • Paula Ribero

    My baby bear

  • Claudia Itzel gonzalez

    My baby Bear

  • Holly

    My Teddy Bear

  • Paola Izaguirre

    I think it´s: “My teddy bear”, from the Animals´ cd 🙂 (Wish me luck!!!)

  • Magdalena Brzezinska

    I would go for My Teddy Bear. Good luck to all the other participants!

  • Syaqireen

    Mama Bear and Baby Bear

  • Mai Anh


  • BILL


  • Gaby Alfaro

    HI THERE!!!!


  • Gaby Alfaro

    HI THERE!!!!


  • Melania

    I’ll go for Skidamarink too!

  • Geminia Vecino

    is it “My Baby Bear”?

  • jean

    my baby bear

  • Kindergarten

    I think this poem is “I See Something BLUE”

  • Kathy Allen


  • frustraited

    I have no clue but it looks so darn cute, I can’t wait for it to come out!

  • farah mihyar

    My teddy bear maybe !! :3

  • Kindergarten

    Please Sit Down And Storytime Music I think

  • Kindergarten


  • Paula Campora

    The Bear went over the Mountain

  • Emma

    adventure´s life

  • Michelle

    This is a toughie… but I will have to go with Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song) from your first CD. The stills look great! Looking forward to seeing the video!

  • Amy

    Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

  • Juay Puay Yong

    My Teddy Bear

  • Karen Potter

    Mama Bear Song I

  • Ruchika

    My Baby Bear

  • Maribeth Bagood

    is it, Someone’s waiting for you? just guessing, i hope i got it right! 🙂

  • Nathalie Balduck

    Sweet Dreams

  • malltaa

    My Teddy Bear

  • http://nankaiuniversity.tumblr.com/ Carl Hoopingarner

    My Baby Bear

  • Leslie Stalls


  • Giovanna

    the lullaby “My teddy bear”

  • erik


  • Claudia

    My teddy bear

  • Elena Villalba


  • Julia

    My teddy bear

  • Adele Gatt

    the bear went over the mountain

  • Melva Yolla

    though one… hmm… I’ll go for Skidamarink

  • Monica Zhelyazkova

    My baby bear or my teddy bear:) My first guess was the bear went over the mountain but the animation seems to be for a softer song:))

  • Nana

    Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

  • Erika Yoshida

    The Red River Valley…

  • Anastasija

    My Teddy Bear (Animals CD)

  • Gabriela Daniel

    My Teddy Bear from Animals CD

  • Jo

    Hopefully it is one of my favorites, Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear….

  • Cécilia

    My Teddy Bear

  • Melanie Condran

    My teddy bear

  • Monica

    The pictures look fantastic. I bet the video will be great. I go for “My teddy bear” although not a 100% sure.

  • Mariana

    Teddy Bear

  • Damares Teixeira

    Sweet dreams (Goodnight song)

  • Lisa

    Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song)

  • Constantin Tanase

    My teddy bear

  • Guest

    my baby bear .. i think.. but not so sure.. hhmm i just cant wait to see the video!

  • Tina Maxwell Smith

    My Teddy Bear

  • Mariel Zoff


  • Dessirae Foo

    the bear went over the mountain ~

  • Dessirae Foo

    brown bear brown bear what do you see ?

  • Fiona Hardy Hulme

    I go for Skidamarink!!! The pictures look lovely!!!

  • Aqeela Alsuwaid


  • fangel

    Are you hungry? ja ja 🙂 I guess

  • Maria

    Hide and seek

  • wafa

    My teddy bear
    Animals CD

  • Kavita Rajendran

    My Baby Bear” Lullaby Song

  • darin dado


  • LeslieG

    Baby Mine.

  • anonymous311

    Lullaby Medley

  • Alfonso John Madrigal Fletcher

    “My baby bear” of course!

  • April

    brother bear

  • Carrie Nolte


  • Evi Soliman

    Walking In The Jungle

  • Edilaine C. Ribeiro

    My Baby bear

  • Alex


  • Andrea J.

    i think it’s “skidamarink” ^^

  • disqus_Swc7AGxeof

    My Teddy Bear.

  • Leoni Bolier

    I think it’s ‘The bear went over the mountain’ from the Super Simple ABC phonics fun CD.

  • Sabiena Maksoedan

    It’s must be, I See Something Blue!

  • Jenny Coulson Carroll

    Bedtime Medley

  • Agata

    Must be “My teddy bear” :))

  • Lora

    Lullaby Medley.

  • Tran Steel

    My Teddy Bear

  • Álvaro

    Brother Bear

  • Michael Lai

    What do you see?

  • Birute

    I think it is The bear went over the mountain 🙂

  • Grace

    Hide and Seek 🙂

    I cant wait for the video

  • evelyn85

    It must be “My teddy bear”

  • Joanna

    My teddy bear

  • 3Ks&N

    Teddy Bear

  • Kit Inocentes

    my teddy bear

  • Ramona

    What a cute video! Love it. 🙂

    • http://www.supersimplelearning.com/ Super Simple Learning

      Thank you, Ramona!

  • http://www.supersimplelearning.com/ Super Simple Learning

    Thanks to everyone for entering, and congratulations to Michele, Nathalie, Lisa, and Damares. We hope you all love the video!

    • Damares Teixeira

      Thank you so much ,… I am happy with my 3rd place…

  • lizel

    more contest please!!!!

    • Super Simple Learning

      Stay tuned!

    • http://www.supersimplelearning.com/ Super Simple Learning

      We’ll do our best. Stay tuned!

  • Yuting

    sweet dreams