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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Simple in Seattle

We’ve moved! To the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington. Actually, we began this move a little over a year ago, but it’s taken us a while to get settled in. If you’re not familiar with our story, around 2005, we … Continue reading

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New Contest! (UPDATED)

UPDATE (7/30/13): Contest closed. We have winners!  Four entries guessed the correct song, “Sweet Dreams, Goodnight Song”. We assigned each of them a number and then used random.org to randomly select the prize order. Here’s how it turned out: 1st … Continue reading

Super Simple Songs In Burma

Our friend and colleague, Sara Wall, recently went to Myanmar (Burma) to volunteer for two weeks at an education monastery in the northern Shan State. We were excited to hear that she took Super Simple Songs along and wanted to … Continue reading

Puppets as communication aids

Puppets are great helpers. We know that children connect with puppets in a variety of ways. Children listen to what the puppets say. Children really hate to disappoint puppets, and children are remarkably willing to change their behavior to keep … Continue reading