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Olympic Activities for Kids

Olympic Activities for Kids - SportsThe Olympic Games are a time when the world comes together and bonds around a common event. It’s not just about the sports, although, of course they are the centerpiece. They are also a celebration of culture, commitment, accomplishment, and achievement.

“The Olympics” is also a great theme for teaching young learners. Children see the Olympics on TV and can relate to the sports because they are so easy to understand.  Who can run faster? Who can swim faster? Who can jump higher?

Here are some ways to introduce the Olympics to young learners.

Olympic Athletes Sing-Along

One of our most popular songs is “Knock Knock, Trick or Treat?” from Super Simple Songs – Halloween (watch the video here)
People often tell us that their kids love this song, but they wish they could sing it all year round. With the sing-along version, you can! Simply fill in the lyrics with a new topic. The Olympics are an ideal time to introduce athletes to your students or children by making up your own words and gestures.

First, talk about different sporting events and athletes, (here’s a free set of printable Olympic sports flashcards from the Early Learning HQ website).
Choose gestures for the different athletes and demonstrate playing the sports. Finally, put on “Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? Sing-Along (Bonus Version)” and sing and gesture together. Click to listen to “Knock, Knock Trick Or Treat? Sing-Along (Bonus Version)”

It’s fun for the students to select the events to act out and it’s a great opportunity to discuss sports and what players are called.
Depending on the level of your students, you can also add in adjectives describing the athlete’s abilities.
Here are some sample lyrics to get you started.

Knock Knock Olympic Athletes Lyrics

Knock knock
Knock knock
Who are you?
I’m a boxer
I’m a quick boxer.

Knock knock
Knock knock
Who are you?
I’m a swimmer
I’m a strong swimmer.

Knock knock
Knock knock
Who are you?
I’m a gymnast
I’m a graceful gymnast.

Knock knock
Knock knock
Who are you?
I’m a runner
I’m a fast runner.

Knock knock
Knock knock
Who are you?
I’m a winner
I’m a medal winner.

Knock knock
Knock knock
Happy Olympic Games
Happy Olympic Games.

Do you have other lyric ideas? Please share in the comments below.

More Olympic Activities

We’ve found some great Olympic related activities and resources on the internet. Here are a few of our favorites:


Do you have a favorite Olympic craft or activity? Let us know!


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    A very simple activity could be to ask children to draw the flags of all the participating nations to give them an idea of the number of countries this world is made of.

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      Nice. Flags and countries are great to introduce during and after the games.

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