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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Valentine’s Day Topics – Colors

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for practicing or reviewing a number of vocabulary topics. We particularly like to use it for colors, shapes, counting, and emotions. Colors are some of the first words we teach our students, and like … Continue reading

Weather Topics – Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Many of our songs have more than one version. Often, we have a slowed down or simplified “Learn It” version so that young learners can get to know the words at an easy pace. After they have learned the lyrics … Continue reading

Say Cheese!

A couple of times a year, most schools have a party or an event. For us, our main events are the Spring Picnic, Halloween Party, and Christmas Party. A key feature of each party is the group picture. Getting dozens … Continue reading

Weather Topics – The Four Seasons

When talking about the seasons, it can help to have side by side illustrations so that kids can follow along throughout the course of a year. What marks the changes of the seasons? How are the seasons where you live?