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Mixing Things Up

Posted on by Troy


Many classes, ESL or otherwise, have some set songs that are done in every class.  Hello, Goodbye, etc.

Here are some suggestions for simple changes to make them fresh and fun again.
If you have been teaching children for a while, you’ve probably got most of these figured out already.  If you are new to it all, have a look….

Sing it in a high voice.
Sing it in a low voice.
Sing it in a monster voice.
Clap/stomp/pat legs to the rhythm while you sing it.
Clap/stomp/pat legs to the rhythm of the song but don’t sing it.
Hellos and Goodbyes- Sing them like animals.  Elephants say hello and goodbye with their long noses.  Gorillas say it while pounding their chests.
Sing the song standing on one foot.
Hum the song.
Mouth the words.  Don’t sing.
Hands behind the back and try singing it without the usual gestures.
Speed it up.  Slow it down.  Alternate speeding up and slowing down within the song.
Pinch your noses and sing it in a funny nasal voice.

Have any other suggestions?  Please share!

(from Troy’s blog)

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  • Robert Pensak

    This is also a great technique to use when “drilling” new words. Changing your voice or making it silly really gets a laugh.