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Super Simple Songs in Korea

Posted on by Troy

You might have noticed something new on the front page at supersimplesongs.com. We’re now selling Super Simple Songs in Korea with the help of our friend, Sujeong Lee. Sujeong is an extremely talented and dedicated teacher and teacher-trainer, with a passion for language education through the arts. She is the founder and Director of the Arts in Education, International Center (A.I.E) and MILK English (Moving, Imagining, Laughing Kids).

We’ve been in contact and have shared ideas with Sujeong since soon after starting our youTube channel about a year and a half ago. And last November we got to spend some time with Sujeong when she visited Tokyo as a featured presenter at the International Association of Performing Language annual conference.

We are thrilled that Sujeong will be representing Super Simple Songs in Korea!

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