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Meet Alice The Camel! 🐪

Alice The Camel

Meet Alice and her friends: Ruby, Sally Felix, Lilly, Andy, Larry, and Sammy. These guys love to sing, count, and dance! Join them in our new song, “Alice The Camel.”

The traditional kids’ song is great for practicing counting, but we’ve added a Super Simple twist and made it into a fun song for learning about different animals and their special characteristics. Continue reading →

Tobee Kids T-Shirt Giveaway

Sing Along With Tobee Kids T-Shirt

Hi everyone!
We are celebrating our brand new show, “Sing Along With Tobee” by having a Kids’ T-shirt Contest. To enter, answer the question of the day about the show. You can leave a comment on the Facebook or Instagram post, or on our blog. We will select one winner at random from among the entries received. Continue reading →

Dinosaur Week Kids T-shirt Giveaway Contest

We are celebrating all things dino with a special week filled with songs, shows, and more. To celebrate, we are giving away kids t-shirts with dinosaurs from our “10 Little Dinosaurs” video. Continue reading →

Milo Kids’ T-shirt Giveaway!


Milo T-shirt Giveaway

To celebrate Milo’s new Monster School Vlog, we’re having a contest! The prize is a special kids’ size Milo t-shirt.

To enter, simply watch Episode 1 of Milo’s Vlog and answer the question of the day in the comments of this post.

January 19 Question 1: What is Milo’s full name?
Continue reading →