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What’s Happening in Finley’s Factory?

Finley's Factory from Super Simple TV

Finley has the most fantastic factory! It’s filled with robots, lots of different parts, and tons of creative ideas. All of those pieces come together to make one amazing vehicle. Join us to find out what’s being built today! Continue reading →

Welcome to Carl’s Car Wash

Carl's Car Wash from Super Simple TV

Welcome to Carl’s Car Wash, it’s suds-tastic!

Do you have a messy car or truck? Then you need to stop by Carl’s Car Wash. He’ll get you cleaned right up! Tune in to each episode to see what kind of vehicle takes a trip through the car wash! We’re starting off the series with Betty and her tomato truck. Continue reading →

Five Little Ducks

Five Little Ducks from Super Simple Songs

Five Little Ducks” is a classic kids’ song, telling the story of a duck family who go out on an excursion. The young siblings go out to play, but each day, one less duckling comes back! Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending. 😃  This counting down song is a great way to introduce subtraction to young learners. It’s also a fun finger play song. Continue reading →

Super Simple Draw – Cat

Super Simple Draw - Episode 1 Cat

Let’s draw a cat!

Our brand new channel, Super Simple TV, kicks off today with it’s very first show, Super Simple Draw! So get out your art supplies and get ready for our first project, a cat!

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