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12 Days of Animals DVD Giveaway

12 Days of Animals DVD Giveaway

Update: The contest is now closed. We had a great time meeting friends from around the world! Thank you for participating. 

To celebrate the release of the Super Simple Songs – Animals DVD on March 17th, we’re giving away one copy of the new DVD every day for 12 days!

To enter, look for the image from our Resource Center, posted daily on the Super Simple Learning Facebook page at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST). Identify the resource and write the name of the resource, or the URL of the page, in the comments.

At 10:00 a.m. PST the next day, we’ll close the entries and randomly select one winner from all of the comments received. Incorrect comments are still entered to win. Winners will be announced on our Facebook page at 11:00 a.m. PST. Also, see below for a complete list of winners.

Winners will be sent a copy of the brand new Super Simple Songs – Animals DVD.
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One, two, three, four, six. Making mistakes in the classroom.

Devon goofs aroundI’ve had the opportunity to observe some great teachers of young learners over the years, and one little device that all of them used to some degree is feigning ignorance. It might be holding a potato and saying, “Mmm…I love apples.” Or in a delightfully silly way, forgetting the names of all the students. Or in the middle of a storybook saying, “The End” and closing the book and asking, “Wasn’t that a great story?”

Besides just appealing to the children’s growing appreciation of the humor of the unexpected and incongruous, it encourages children to speak up and share their knowledge Continue reading →

Teaching Older Learners With Songs

Songs are an effective teaching tool for older students.

Songs are still a great teaching tool for older students!

Our youngest learners will sing and dance all day long, all the while picking up vocabulary, grammar, and the rhythm of English naturally and easily. When they go home, the songs that they sang and played with in class will still be bouncing around in their heads. Songs are uniquely effective learning tools in that way.

However, as students get older, songs and chants often become less and less a part of the classroom. That’s a shame. We know that input is critical to second language learning, and few learning tools are as effective as songs at providing lots and lots of meaningful, comprehensible input.

Older children still enjoy songs (we all do!), but if we introduce songs to them the same way we introduce songs to young children, we often find them reluctant to participate.  Once our students reach 3rd grade or so, they become more self-conscious about singing or dancing, and, understandably, don’t want to be treated like toddlers.  Don’t let that discourage you from using songs in the classroom with older children. We simply need to change the ways we use songs. Continue reading →

“Let’s Go Fishing” Game

Use these colorful fish to practice letters, numbers, and colors.

These colorful fish come in upper and lowercase letters and numbers.

Kids love to role play and use their imagination. Here’s a fun and easy way to learn or review letters, numbers, and colors by going fishing! Not only can kids practice motor skills by guiding the fishing line to the mouth of the fish to pick it up, each colored fish has a letter or number on it. You can use these versatile teaching tools in many ways, here are a few suggestions.

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