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Underwater Week Wrap Up


We hope you had a great time celebrating Underwater Week with us!

There was A LOT of fun stuff that happened, so in case you missed any of it, here’s a recap of all the new songs, resources, and Live Sing-Alongs. Continue reading →

A Sailor Went To Sea Sea Sea


It’s time for an Underwater Week adventure! We’re taking to the sea sea sea with our sailor friend to see what she can see see see. It’s a Super Simple twist on the classic kids’ song, “A Sailor Went To Sea.” Continue reading →

Underwater Week Songs


It’s an Underwater Week Sing-Along! Watch the LIVE YouTube videos here and here and sing and swim along with Caitie! Continue reading →

Find Out What’s Going On “Down By The Bay”


Down By The Bay is a classic kids’ song with a very catchy tune. Not only is this song fun to sing, it’s also a great way to learn about rhyming. As you sing along, listen for the animals and the words they rhyme with. Then make up more pairs to sing your own version. Continue reading →